About the Archive

What is the point of the Pandemic Sensory Archive?

The aim of the PSA is to explore experiences of the five senses during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to hear from you about your sensory experiences.

In making your submission, please think about these two questions:

  1. What smells, sights, sounds, touch, and/or tastes do you associate with the pandemic?
  2. Has your experiences of the senses (smell/sight/hearing/touching/taste) changed at all as a result of the pandemic?

How to submit to the archive

Click anywhere relevant on the map here to drop a “pin” and a box will pop up for you to draft your submission. Confirm the details requested and press submit.

Note before you submit to the archive:

Please do not include identifying information in your submission (such as names and addresses). Any information that comprises anonymity will be removed by moderators prior to the submission appearing live. Please note that your submission may be used for the purpose of research analysis, by the pandemic sensory archive team or other users visiting the site and that by submitting to the archive you agree that your entry may appear publicly in the archive (dependant on moderation) and may be used in future research.