This page contains interviews with sensory experts on taste during the COVID19 pandemic. It also includes an evolving bibliography of news media and academic articles on the same topic.

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Dr Evangeline Mantzioris

Program Director: Bachelor of Nutrition & Food Sciences, University of South Australia | 21/7/21

Evangeline Mantzioris has been working as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) for over 30 year, she has experience in clinical dietetics and clinical teaching at major Adelaide teaching hospitals and in private practice. Currently she is a Senior Lecturer and the Program Director of the Nutrition and Food Sciences Degree at the University of South Australia in Adelaide. Evangeline is also an Accredited Sports Dietitian (AccSD) and co-author and editor of a textbook “Nutrition for Exercise, Sports and Performance”. Read more about Evangeline’s here.

Dr Eerang Park

Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellow of Tourism, Edith Cowan University | 1/7/21

Dr Eerang Park is Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellow of Tourism in Edith Cowan University. Her research is interdisciplinary at the boundaries of geography, cultural studies, and social psychology. Her research on food tourism enhance our understanding of the meaning of taste experience in travel and tourism, and how food performs in developing a social relationship in tourism. Her current research projects focus on food and gastronomy tourism grounded in the emerging Asian tourism platforms and discourses. Website.

Norman Mazel

Coffee Grader and Processing Professional | 17/06/21

Norman Mazel has been working as a coffee quality analyst since 2008 and is currently Head of Quality at Beans Coffee b.v. Norman was the first European citizen to attain all three of the highest attainable coffee certificates issued by The Quality Coffee Institute and one of only a small number of people worldwide to hold all 3 certificates. During the pandemic he suffered a temporary loss of smell and taste and in this interview he talks about how this impacted his work.

You can find out more about Norman’s work and connect with him here.

Susan Boyle

doctoral researcher at Technological University Dublin | 27/06/21

Susan Boyle is a beverage researcher and independent drinks consultant pursuing a PhD at Technological University Dublin supported by a TU Dublin Scholarship. Her research examines sensory and theatrical elements of immersive beverage engagements and investigates place and storytelling within the drinks industry. She is a Fulbright Creative Ireland Museum Fellow with the Smithsonian Museum of American History and has worked on research projects with the British Museum. An accomplished speaker (Outstanding Speaker Award Oxford Symposium of Food and Cookery) and award-wining writer (Guild of Beer Writer’s) Susan regularly contributes expert content to national and international broadcast and print media.

An Alumni of The Royal Shakespeare Company Immersive Fellowship Thomas is an artist that uses immersive and emergent technologies alongside sensory storytelling. They’re work explores how archival data can become more accessible and immediate through scent and taste. They’ve most recently worked with ArtHouse Jersey to research and interpret creative works that reveal the experiences of survivors of the Nazi occuption through novel and disarming ways.

You can find more about Thomas’s work here and follow him on twitter here.

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