This page contains interviews with sensory experts on sound during the COVID19 pandemic. It also includes an evolving bibliography of news media and academic articles on the same topic.

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Shoshana Rosenberg is a butch sound artist and academic currently based in Naarm/Melbourne, Victoria. Their practice explores sonics as they relate to sexuality, divinity, and relationality. You can find out more about/listen to Shoshana’s music at and Bandcamp, and academic work at Google Scholar Profile

Andrew Mitchell

doctoral researcher in urban soundscape design at University College London | 09/06/21

After a degree in physics, Andrew spent several years in the acoustics engineering and consultancy industry before coming to University College London in 2019 to start his PhD. Andrew’s research focuses on how we can use machine learning and regression modelling of soundscapes – using both sound recordings and surveys of local listeners – to reshape and better design urban spaces.

You can find out more about Andrew’s research and publications here.

Martin Stewart

National Advocacy Officer at Blind Citizens Australia | 10/6/21

Martin Stewart was the recipient of the 2018 Blind Australian of the Year award, and the 2019 Blind Citizens Australia David Blyth award, in recognition of his forthright and tenacious advocacy over thirty years, in the areas of Disability Rights, Industrial Relations, Public Transport and Technology Access; and his tireless support for other advocates who are blind or vision impaired.

You can read more about the work of Blind Citizens Australia here.

Stephen Sullivan

doctoral researcher at Northwestern University | 26/07/21

Stephen Sullivan is an urban anthropologist and sensory ethnographer interested in sound, politics, and technology.

He is currently a PhD candidate in anthropology at Northwestern University and holds an MA in psychology from The New School.

Key articles – Collating expertise and key links on sound during the pandemic.



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